in this first phase of the three part series, i decided to use traditional oil on canvas as my medium. the edge of the canvas becomes the threshold. to articulate the space in a 2-dimensional medium i needed an image. the human form is the ideal choice because the boundaries of the human body are universally understood. i selected a classical iconic male model to ensure that the content is not mistaken for editorial social commentary. in the end, what i have created with rectangles are completely contained works of art with no lines, background, color fields or image to extend beyond the threshold of the space.


the second phase of the three part series is currently underway, i am continuing to use traditional oil on canvas as my medium.


the final phase of spaces will be large sculptures in bronze approximatly 78" cubes. they will be articulated again by the human form. *i hope to begin the pieces in early 2008

*to come

square 1__brian biedul __oil on canvas__38x38 inches