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eyestrain was an installation that was constructed in mar vista california in 1990. the piece was an enclosed space 4ftx6ftx8 ft. inside the space there is a stick figure and a concrete block wall. the figure is watching a television embedded in the wall. the television shows alternately the hydrogen bomb test at the bikini atoll and household goods advertising from that time period. woody had a looped audio track that stated "i'm being lied to i'm being lied to i'm being...". all this was enclosed by the simple device of a 3 dimensional line drawing in simple black cord.woody and the television are trapped in a symbiotic contextual feedback loop. this is modern life. it is a statement about the end of the industrial age and the beginning of a more sinister technological age that has transformed us into passive receptors of propaganda and marketing. we live a state of dulled senses, enclosed in a theoretical space of our own creation.

eyestrain __image 1 __installation __1990