artist statement
Over the last twenty years I have been experimenting with 
theoretical architecture as an art form. The content of my 
work, whether an installation, painting or sculpture is to 
define the threshold between the inside and outside of 
conceptually articulated space. 
As a sculptor of gestalt space, I have used fire, light, 
vegetation, water, rope, steel, vinyl and wood.
Typically working in the ephemeral media of installation 
and earthworks, for the “Spaces” project I have decided work 
in the traditional medium of painting and sculpture.
For "Rectangles” and “Squares," the first two phases in the 
three-part series  entitled “Spaces”, I am using oil on canvas 
as my medium. To articulate the space that I created, I chose 
the human form because it is universally understood with 
clearly recognized boundaries. 
In observing the art (Rectangles and Squares), it is important 
to understand that the art is the defined space itself. There 
are no lines, background, color fields or image to extend 
beyond the boundaries of the art.  For Rectangles and Squares, 
the art absolutely ends at the edge of the canvas.
Brian Biedul

brian biedul 11/2005

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